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Student Work Gallery

2D Foundations


AD 100A Foundation Studio A is a fundamental class with emphasis on contemporary and traditional two-dimensional processes, concepts, and materials. Students will also experiment with digital and time-based work. Projects are designed to introduce and fuse content, skill and composition. Emphasis is placed on solving visual problems and thinking critically and creatively. This course provides a foundation in understanding and applying aspects of pictorial design. In addition to introducing formal design strategies, the course emphasizes content issues and the historical and cultural context in which works of art are produced.

Introduction to Drawing I

AD 100 is a fundamental class that investigates visual ideas through drawing. Drawing may be thought of as a way to organize and express thoughts and ideas visually or the process of figuring out the size, shape and placement of all elements in the picture in order to express or investigate an idea. This course focuses on learning how to see shape, proportion, gesutre, rhythm and space in reality through the still life as well as in the two-dimentional surface of the drawing. 

Introduction to Drawing III


​​AD 200 investigates visual ideas through drawing from the human form. This course provides practice of drawing how the figure exists in and relates to its environment. Students will observe the figure to build skills in measuring, proportion, scale, balance and anatomy.

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