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My interests lie in understanding my emotional connection with the physical world and how ultimately they bare no importance in my personal growth as a spiritual being. Circumstances and my reaction to situations hold weight in my body, and I seek to release this tension. I question how my studio practice can create a deeper connection to my inner self and hold a resolution within my physical environment.


In my work I investigate these connections through the dualities of chaos and calm, gravity and weightlessness and disruption and balance through color relationships, geometric structures and the use of multiple materials. Line quality, layering and transparency of shapes create fragility and strength, which speaks to my desire for control and struggle to obtain it.


My creative workspace is a sanctum, an environment that is a catalyst for physical experimentation and speculation for understanding my place within the natural world. I construct a creative working space that allows me to express the collision of my physical and spiritual state of being. My work is a state of the in-between, an environment that is constructed and deconstructed. It is a structure that expresses unrest and my desire for a true equilibrium, a delicate state of balance and rest from chaos.









For more information about my previous artist statements, curriculum vitae or student work examples, please visit the links below. 

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